What are Vape Batteries and does and dont’s of vape batteries

What are Vape Batteries and does and dont’s of vape batteries

Vape batteries are an essential part of any vaper’s kit – but what are they and how do you use them safely? While most vape batteries are relatively easy to use and care for, there are some important dos and don’ts that you should be aware of to keep your battery working properly. 

The batteries in your vaporizer are no different from those found throughout our smartphones. That’s right, the power that keeps on giving you hours of use each day is just like what we put into this little device every single minute! 

The vape battery is what powers your vaporizer and provides the juice to heat up all those tasty herbs, waxes or liquids. If you’re not getting any smoke from it then chances are good that this crucial component isn’t working properly! 

Do And Don’t On Vape Battery


  • Use the correct charger: When you’re buying a more advanced device, there are many different types of chargers to choose from. If your pen or kit comes with its own charger(like Twist Batteries & Twist Bold Pen) and it’s compatible for micro USB charging (most starter kits only use this type), don’t trust any other Micro-USB cable as they may not work properly! Make sure that the individual piece matches what’s needed in order avoid problems later on down the line when using these devices.
  • Storage: Store your battery in a cool, dark place! This will ensure that the life of it is prolonged. For those who store their batteries for long periods (especially if they’ll be storing them fully charged), try to make sure there’s 40% or more left on board before putting away because this allows some discharge while keeping protection circuit alive – which means you can charge up without fear . Some sites recommend not doing so; however we feel like giving yourself enough power via charging completely takes priority over anything else here since what good would coming back late at night do? 
  • Carry Batteries Safely: If you’re using a mod that takes separate batteries(like Turbo Twist Vape Pen), then it’s important to make sure they are safely carried. Keys or coins in your pocket could touch the terminals of those same cells and cause shorting out- which would be harmful both for yourself as well any other person who may come into contact with this result!
  • Keep your battery safe! : A case will ensure that you don’t drop or damage it by accident, and if there are other items in loose pockets around the house which could bump into tempting magnets – this might be why some batteries show signs of wear after just one day onsite storage with no cases used at all I recommend using something like these clear plastic inhaler sleeves for storing 18350s (the size perfect fit most devices) since they’re lightweight yet durable enough not only protect but also display proudly each brand’s logo via vibrant color printing throughout their product line. 
  • Select the right battery: If you’ve purchased a vaporizer that doesn’t come with built-in battery, be sure to select your own. Most standalone vape mods are powered by replaceable batteries and so buying high quality rechargeable 18650s will ensure they last as long or longer than the devices themselves! 
  • Clean Battery Terminals: Its super easy! All you need is some tissue paper and a cotton bud. If it’s really dirty, use an alcohol-soaked swab instead of just rubbed on its surface because that will get rid of any dirt deeper into the Chamber where we can’t see it without special tools or devices for testing batteries’ output currents (which would make your device stop working). 


  • Don’t mix and match: If you want to make sure your batteries stay charged, don’t mix and match sets of charger or battery componets! While many look alike there can still be voltage differences which will damage them over time.
  • Don’t leave your batteries in hot car: Vape batteries are rather delicate, and it is easy to overheat them if you leave your vape in a hot car. This will cause the chemical composition of both components (the battery AND liquid)to change which could lead to irreversible damage or even explode! So make sure never do this mistake by turning off any vapes when leaving home with their charging cable attached. 
  • Avoid batteries that throw spark: Pay attention to your vape batteries! If you see any sparks, or mini lightning for a mod that has an external battery pack it is time to throw both out. It might just be the external batteries if this type of device but really isn’t worth taking risks with what could potentially lead into something more serious like fire hazards. 

Vape batteries are generally pretty easy to use and take care of. However, there are a few key things you should keep in mind to make sure your battery continues working properly. We have a variety of resources that can help you learn about all aspects of vaping, from beginner to expert. For more information on vape gear, be sure to check out the rest of our website.